Interview questions and structured interviewing
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An Interview Map


Get to the interview at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Dress in business attire unless the interviewer has specified otherwise. Never talk negatively about previous work experiences; it can give your prospective employer a bad impression of you. Be yourself! Use statements that are comfortable for you when answering questions. Find out information about the company you are interviewing with prior to your interview. Visit the company’s site and search for articles and press releases written about or by the organization. Also take time to familiarize yourself with the company’s competition. Silence isn't necessarily a bad thing! Take your time when answering questions. Have 3-5 prepared questions for the interviewer. Don't hesitate to ask the interviewer when they will make a hiring decision. Ask for a business card from all interviewers so you have their contact information for thank you notes. Always close the interview by expressing thanks and appreciation for their time. Send a hand-written thank you note as soon after the interview as possible. If you have interviewed with more than one person, each person should receive a thank you note.