Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Answering Personality Interview Questions

Monster Career Center

  1. Do you generally speak to people before they speak to you?
    Depends on the circumstances.

  2. What was the last book you read? Movie you saw? Sporting event you attended?
    Talk about books, sports or films to show that you have balance in your life.

  3. What is the toughest part of a job for you?
    Be honest; remember, not everyone can do everything.

  4. Are you creative?
    Yes. Give examples

  5. How would you describe your own personality?

  6. Are you a leader?
    Yes. Give examples.

  7. What are your future goals?
    Avoid, "I would like the job you advertised." Instead, give long-term goals.

  8. What are your strong points?
    Give at least three and relate them to the company and job you are interviewing for.

  9. What are your weak points?
    Don't say you have none. Try not to cite personal characteristics as weaknesses, but be ready to have one if the interviewer presses. Turn a negative into a positive answer: "I am sometimes intent on completing an assignment and get too deeply involved when we are late."