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Internal Application Process

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XYZ Corp.

Subject: Internal Application Process


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Purpose: To define and describe the employment application process for current employees.

Policy: Any regular employee of the Company who has successfully completed the probationary period in his or her current position may apply for vacant positions which have been posted. The Company gives priority for vacant positions, when appropriate, to current employees and employees on lay-off status seeking promotion and/or transfer.

Guidelines: All pending benefits-eligible vacancies at the Company will be posted in specified locations. After reviewing posted job qualifications, an employee may bid on those posted positions for which the employee believes he or she is qualified. Bidding is accomplished by submitting the Internal Application for Vacancy and a current resume at the Company Human Resources Office. Hiring supervisors should direct all interested employees to the Human Resources Office for completion and submission of appropriate form(s).

A regular Company employee who has not completed his or her probationary period but who meets the stated minimum requirements may bid on a posted position only with the permission of Company Human Resources Management. Such permission may be granted after consultation with appropriate departmental managers.

Bids and supporting material will be reviewed and sent by Company Human Resources Management to the hiring department. The department should review all bids, interview those who are deemed qualified and ensure that the successful bidder is notified of selection to the position.

The department must reach an agreement on a pay rate with Company Human Resources Manager prior to making an offer to the successful bidder. See Policy Hiring Compensation, regarding salary offers.

Pursuing a transfer should not in any way jeopardize an employee's present position. Hiring supervisors should regard all internal applications as confidential material.

After accepting a position, it is the employee's responsibility to give sufficient notice to his or her former department. For information on sufficient notice, refer to Termination of Employment.

Upon transfer, an employee's sick, vacation and personal holiday accruals will be established with the employee's new department.

Human Resources Management will notify unsuccessful bidders in writing.


Employees represented by a union should refer to the appropriate bargaining unit agreement.


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