Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Post-Interview Thank-you Note


After the Interview:

Send a thank you note either the same day or the next day after your interview. The note should be basic and professional.

In the event that multiple people interviewed you, each individual should receive a thank you note.

Thank you notes should be hand-written.

Depending on the timeframe the employer has told you in which they will make a decision, a follow-up call inquiring about the status of the position may be appropriate.

Here's a sample thank you note:

Dear Mr. Interviewer,

Thank you for the opportunity to interview with your company. I enjoyed learning more about your company and appreciate the time you and the members of your team spent with me.

After interviewing with you, I am even more excited about the possibility of using my skill sets and experience to further the vision and mission of your organization.

If you have any questions, or need more information, please contact me at: phone number or email address.

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