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Signs That You Are In the Wrong Career


1. You avoid talking about your work with your friends and acquaintances.

You don't really feel good about your work and you don't have a sense of pride or passion about it, so you avoid discussing it.

2. You have physical symptoms.

You have an ache or a pain somewhere that is trying to tell you something is wrong. Often these are very telling signs. For example, a woman who was experiencing a pain in her neck was feeling that she was underutilized in her job, not fulfilling her potential and therefore couldn't hold her head up high with pride. What helps her to hold her head up high with pride? The neck, exactly where she was experiencing discomfort.

3. You get a knot in your stomach when you think about going to work.

4. There is not much else you want to do with this career.

Whether it is moving up or laterally, or simply getting better at your current position by strengthening your skills and knowledge, you don't have any aspirations for this career. Perhaps you've lost your passion for it. Perhaps you've done all that you wanted to do with this career. It's not really that unusual. Today, people are experiencing multiple careers in a lifetime, somewhere around 5-7 careers.

5. You feel like you are selling your soul for your salary.

You spend more time thinking about the amount of your paycheck and less about your sense of fulfillment and satisfaction derived from your work.

6. Frustrating patterns are appearing within your relationship with work.

These patterns can show up in various ways. They may show up within your interactions with other people, such as co-workers, managers or subordinates. They may play out with finding challenging and interesting work. They may show themselves in work progressions and effects from organizational changes. For example, not getting the new and challenging assignments you want, impacts from layoffs, and reorganizations that change the number and type of available opportunities. Are you encountering similar situations in different jobs and different companies? Are you often in conflict in similar ways? Are opportunities coming or going in similar fashion? These patterns contain a message and are often about some adjustment that needs to be made.

7. You feel an inner prompting from your soul that tells you to make an adjustment.

If you do not pay attention to the inner prompting and make an adjustment that will better serve you, the Universe will step in and start adjusting your course for you. You can call it fate, coincidence, misfortune, good luck or anything else, but the Universe will be behind these shifts. It may appear in the form of a layoff, a relocation, a business closing, a family need that causes a leave of absence, or any number of other ways.

8. Your work drains your energy instead of infusing you with energy.

9. You feel a decreasing sense of fulfillment, satisfaction, excitement, curiosity and drive.

10. You compensate for the lack of career fulfillment and satisfaction.

You may be spending a lot of money on other things such as entertainment, clothes, furniture, etc. You are attempting to get your needs met through other means.