Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Interviewing for senior jobs and top leadership positions

by Elizabeth Mullen for Coach U

We all know that the interview process can be harrowing, especially when it involves a leap in our previous status. Below are 10 key points to help you focus better and better yourself by getting a higher level position. Managers, Senior Staff and CEOs only need apply these...

Interviewing - potential role play

  1. Know the stated and unstated mission of the company cold.
  2. Find out what is missing in the company's: senior staff, marketing, image and profitability.
  3. Research every aspect of the company's website - and if publicly held - its financial year-end report.
  4. Research and revisit every aspect of your own work history, paying special attention to measurable results you've achieved.
  5. Develop a measurable criteria by which you could improve the company with whom you are interviewing.
  6. Develop the criteria into a general plan for improvement.
  7. Practice articulating your plan in the form of statements - and even more importantly - questions.
    Example: Is there currently a plan in place to increase your profitability by revitalizing the company brand?
  8. Get clear on the personal characteristics you believe are important to achieve your objectives, and run them by your conscience.
    You want to make sure you believe you can use the BEST of yourself to accomplish this higher-level job and objectives.
  9. Make a personal plan to more fully develop the qualities you believe are important to acquiring and fulfilling this position.
    If you believe flexibility is important, practice changing plans by family and friends. If you think forthrightness is required, practice with your current acquaintances.
  10. Write down the key items (1-9) above. Crystallize them into a single sheet. Put it away and relax during your interview.